Welcome To Our Practice

East Texas Vascular Associates was organized in the early 1980’s to provide care to the East Texas community for those individuals suffering from vascular disease.  Prior to that time, there had been no board certified vascular surgeons practicing this specialty in the Tyler area. 

East Texas Vascular Associates consists of the following three board-certified surgeons: D. Brent KernsJ. Blake Harrison, and David L. Young.  ETVA is an independent surgical specialty group who cares for patients with carotid problems such as blockages in the carotid artery that are potential stroke problems.  Our physicians also use new techniques for abdominal aneurysm repair by using endovascular stent grafts which has made the treatment of abdominal aneurysms improved and much more beneficial with recuperation in a timely manner to our elderly patients.  Next, we treat femoral artery disease which consists of individuals who have leg cramps with walking and blockages in their leg vessels which may lead to these symptoms.  This can be treated by either endovascular and stent treatments and/or bypass surgery as required.  Furthermore, venous disease, such as deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, and lymphedema are treated by our surgical group.  In addition to the vascular care, our surgeons also treat diseases of the colon along with issues involving the gallbladder, hernias, breast cancer cases, and hemorrhoids…just to name a few.  Most recently, the association has become involved in single-site robotic surgery for gallbladder and colon diseases utilizing the most recent innovative techniques for state-of-the-art care.


Our office has two complete vascular laboratories for vascular graft and postoperative surgical outcome surveillance along with noninvasive testing for diagnosis of carotid, aneurysm, and lower extremity vascular complaints.  With two full-time Registered Vascular Technicians on staff, it adds convenience in scheduling for the patients with same day results.

We utilize our knowledge for the most current surgical techniques plus the innovation of the latest technology available to date as well as demonstrating the compassion necessary to aid in the recovery of our patients.  East Texas Vascular Associates has continued to demonstrate the ability to remain the leading surgical group in East Texas!